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I get bored a lot, so I like to do sociological experiments just to see how people react. Some folks call these “pranks”, but I am an intellectual…so these are experiments. Also, you can’t apply for grant money when you call them “pranks”, and I like to keep my options open. For this particular prank…er, I mean experiment…I had decided to target two people who I had never seen laugh in my entire life. The goal was fairly good-natured: I was going to use funny tees to bring some joy to the joyless.

My Nanna was the sourest person I have ever met. I think that during the Great Depression, she might have had to sell her sense of humor to buy her kids dinner one night, or something. The fact is, that I have never seen this woman even smile. I know she had hard times growing up and it wasn’t until dad bought her a condo that she was ever really financially stable. Whatever her problem, funny shirts were about to make this woman smile.

I will only consider the first of my two subjects as a partial victory, because I never actually heard my granny laugh. I knew that older folks like physical comedy, so I wore a shirt with the Three Stooges hitting each other with pies on it. Not the most complicated of funny apparel, but it’s all I had to work with. When I told my Nanna to look at my shirt, she just made this weird sound in the back of her throat and wheeled away in her scooter. I’m not sure if that was a laugh, or not. That’s why it was a partial victory. Me: 1, Great Depression: 0.

The next pin that must fall was this gun-toting maniac that I know of. I had a hard choice between him and this Baptist preacher I had heard of that was saying some pretty shady things that verged on support of those Westboro maniacs. It was a tough choice. I had the possibility of my funny t shirts either getting me shot or damned for all eternity. I decided on just getting shot…there’s a chance I could survive that.

This ex-marine madman has always hated me. This might be because I dated this man’s daughter for three years of high school and one of college. He hated me before I broke up with her and kept hating me after, which confused me since I thought that our breakup would perhaps make him happy. I looked through my vast collection of funny tshirts and found won with a giant woman on it saying “Who farted?”. I was ready for the challenge.

When I knocked on this guy’s door, he answered just about as sourly as I expected. No cordial greeting for me, or anyone else for that matter. I realized that I had made a huge mistake and my playful nature was about to be my downfall. I froze for a moment while I stared at me, getting madder by the moment. I couldn’t think clearly, so I just took my shirt off, threw it in his hands, and said “SORRY!” as I ran back to my bike. I was a little disbelieving as I rode away, but I swear I heard that man laughing. Was it my funny t-shirt that made him laugh, or me riding away with no shirt on? Whatever it was…mission accomplished.

I’m not a vain girl, but I like to think that I look pretty good cleaned up and dressed to the nines. It takes a lot of effort to put on makeup, pick out a complimentary outfit, and get ready to go out…and all of that effort is doubled when Saint Patrick’s Day comes around. I pick out my favorite cute Irish t-shirts, coordinate with my girls, and hit the bars. A girl’s got to be careful though.

There are so many traps and snares girls wearing cute Irish tees for women can fall into on Saint Patrick’s Day. I don’t know what it is about holidays, but guys love to buy girls shots of whiskey even more on these “special days” than normal…which is already a lot. You just have to be very careful not to drink too much.

Looking good is not a crime, and we shouldn’t be punished for it. All most girls want is to go out, look good, flirt, dance, and have fun in our adorable Irish tee shirts. I don’t want to worry about some guy dragging me to his apartment to molest me if I get too drunk, so I really watch how much alcohol goes into my body. Don’t forget: it’s okay to turn down a free drink!

Just like New Year’s Eve, Saint Patrick’s Day is a holiday for adults to have fun and celebrate. It may have started with the Irish, but now it’s an American tradition. You get to dress up in your sexy Irish shirts, hit the town, and have a fantastic time! I just don’t want anyone making any mistakes. Be careful of what you do and who you do it with.

What it all really comes down to is how much you drink. You’re going to be hanging out with girls and guys, and you have to be very careful that you don’t start trying to keep up with your guy friends. At the very least, you don’t want to be a drunken, emotional wreck that someone has to take care of all night. At worse, you don’t want to wake up with your naughty Irish tee shirts wadded up in the corner of some house you don’t recognize.

There is a rare breed of people out there who venture forth each day to fight back the fires and save lives. They do this for small insufficient pay. They work long hours away from their family, waiting for the next fire that needs to be put out. They risk their very flesh being burned away and their lungs blackened with smoke, all for the noble purpose of rescuing the life of someone in need. People like this deserve the honor of recognition. They deserve to be noticed in public and thanked. Firefighter t-shirts are there to highlight these men’s bravery to the public at large.

Firefighters are normal guys, like you and me. They have lives away from their stations, and many times these lives suffer because of their dedication to their jobs. The work of a fireman requires them to stay at the station for extended periods of time, ready and alert for the moment the alarm sounds and they have to venture forth to combat disaster. When they are home, they have to love their families twice as hard to make up for the time they are away. This distance from family is as harmful to the spirit as flames are to the flesh, and firemen t-shirts are a good way for their families to show they understand.

The dangers these men face on a daily basis are akin to the perils that soldiers and police face. Just because the foe they fight doesn’t have a mind, doesn’t make it any less dangerous than a calculating criminal of enemy combatant. Fire is vicious and deadly, and the death it brings is hideous and painful. No one should ever have to die in the grip of flames, and firemen help make certain that happens as infrequently as possible. The firefighter t-shirts these men and women wear are like medals of bravery.

The soul is something that bears the weight of many horrors when you become a firefighter. Medical professionals who work in the emergency room see terrible things too, but they have been trained and desensitized slowly before their first day of work. A firefighter is thrust into the middle of pain and fear without much warning at all. Sure, they have an idea of what it could be like, but they can’t know that level of suffering on people’s faces until they are carrying someone from the flames. Why shouldn’t these men wear firemen t-shirts? They are some of the bravest men in the world.

Some would say it is madness to thrust yourself into a profession that has nothing but fear, pain, turmoil, and anguish in store. If that were the case, that would be true…but firemen experience much more. They have honor, pride, and triumph walking beside them into the fires and that makes them some of the last real heroes left today. In a time of digital information and quick fixes, it still take a brave man wearing firefighter t-shirts to save lives.

The production for the AK-47 assault rifle has slowed to a crawl over the past few years, being replaced with newer versions such as the AK-74u. While the AK-74u has started cropping up in media over the last couple of years in video games and movies, the AK-47 is still the most iconic gun in the world. When people are asked what first pops into their head when they hear the word “gun”, it is most likely the AK-47 they see. From gun t-shirts to games, the AK-47 is cemented in our culture.

People who adhere to the second amendment tend to be giant fans of the AK-47. They will sport gun t-shirts with the AK-47 depicted on it and often more than one AK-47 in their gun safe. The gun has come to symbolize, along with the popular AR-15, the pinnacle of gun ownership in the United States of America. There will be an outcry of anger if the government ever tries to stop the right of ownership of these weapons.

The AK-47 is actually called a Avtomat Kalashnikova in its home country of Russia. It was created in the last year of WWII, and saw use in the way with selected units. The Avtomat Kalashnikova has the proud distinction of being the first true assault rifle ever produced. As such, it has many years of a head start on other assault rifles to proliferate through the world. Just look at a selection of gun t-shirts to see how popular it really is.

Of course, there are no number of positive gun t-shirts in the world that can help the tarnished image of the AK-47. No matter how gun activists feel about the AK-47, there are many more who see the AK-47 as the preferred murder tool of terrorists and outlaws everywhere in the world. Part of the iconic image of the AK-47 is the stereotypical image of evil through firearms.

The AK-47 may symbolize many things, but it will always be in the consciousness of America. It is a symbol of war, and of terror. It is a symbol of the 2nd Amendment. It is a symbol of everything people love and hate in guns. We will wear our gun t-shirts, and we will hold our AK-47s high. The weapon may have begun with the Russians, but now it belongs to the world.

There is nothing that mirrors the world of pop culture quite like the funny t-shirts sold today on the Internet. It doesn’t matter what field the popularity comes from, there will be a funny t-shirt to capitalize on it before the week closes. All it takes is for one catch phrase to emerge from something that people begin to pass around to one another, and then there will be a funny t-shirt with that slogan emblazoned across the chest.

Funny t-shirts did not always follow this trend. Not very long ago, the technology behind funny t-shirts was not quick enough to capitalize on things that occur in popular culture. It could take two weeks or more for a funny t-shirt to come out about an instance in Hollywood, and by then the joke would be old and dead. Now, the technology permit’s a t-shirt to be made almost the same day as, say, Ms. Lohan to be arrested on drug charges.

Anything is up for grabs in the realm of funny t-shirts. A funny t-shirt can be made out of almost any pop culture topic as long as it is current, funny, and popular. There have been many, many funny t-shirt made from the most quoted lines of cinema. Almost as many funny t-shirts have been created from the controversial actions that many stars have done while off the movie or television set. The Internet has almost pointed a finger at Hollywood and said, “Watch what you do….because we are merciless and many.”

The way people latch onto popular culture and use it amongst their friends is the wood that fuels this funny t-shirt inferno on the Internet. When a group shares a laugh over something they all find funny, that shared moment becomes a bond amongst them. A joke becomes more than just a joke, then, and becomes something much more. There is a sentimental value there that a funny t-shirt can easily capitalize on.

If you are laughing at something you saw on television, in a movie, or even some comment by a star or politician, then you are sure to be able to find a funny t-shirt somewhere on the Internet about that same thing. Buy it, wear it, and share a big laugh with your friends. Every time you where that t-shirt from that day forward will be a reminder of those good laughs. The money spent on funny t-shirts is totally worth it.

The AR-15 assault rifle has come to represent many things to the American gun lover. It is a rifle of exceeding precision and power. While not nearly as reliable as its counterpart, the AK-47, the weapon still functions well when properly maintained. Between the aspects of precision, power, and ease of use, the AR-15 has become a standard feature in many gun lover’s weapon collection. It is featured in many movies as the weapon of choice for many heroes and villains. It is even featured on the fronts of many gun t-shirts sold now.

The AR-15 chambers a light, 5.56mm round that is still capable of producing power at great distances. It was developed originally by Armalite industries in the 1950’s. Very shortly after its introduction, the AR-15 design and rights were sold to Colt. Colt then secured a contract with the U.S. military and developed a full-auto version of the rifle called the M-16 that is still used as the primary service rifle today. Because of its wide-use as a military weapon, the AR-15 can be seen everywhere now from film and publication to gun t-shirts and television.

There is a dark, sinister note to the world of the AR-15. There was an organization in Ireland known as the IRA which has been strongly associated as a terrorist group responsible for some serious violence against the British. The AR-15 has been known to be the Irish Republican Army’s weapon of choice against their foes, which has given the AR-15 the same dark vibe as the AK-47. Luckily, that sentiment isn’t held by the majority of gun lovers and the AR-15 is still held in a noble light amongst gun t-shirt wearing, AR-15 loving Americans.

The right-wing gun enthusiasts of America still love their AR-15s. The AR-15 is an incredibly powerful rifle that has picked up a lot of use amongst hunters. Even though the gun requires good maintenance, outdoorsmen have taken up with the AR-15 for its precision and stopping ability. Other gun collectors see the AR-15 as an icon and feel they need one in their collection to be considered thorough gun collectors where simple gun t-shirts will not do.

The AR-15 is a powerhouse of a weapon that has many great features that cannot be found on other, less customizable weapons. It has great levels of accuracy and is maneuverable and light. It has a punch that can only be matches by larger weapons. It is an American icon featured on many gun t-shirts worn by conservative gun owners everywhere. It is truly an American icon.

Every group of friends from every group of demographic from every country across the world is influenced by pop culture today. With so many people simultaneously picking up the same jokes and running with them, you can understand why the funny t-shirt industry wants to capitalize on this common ground everyone seems to share. Over the past couple of years, this funny t-shirts industry has really mastered the art of the pop culture iconic joke.

funny t-shirts did not always follow this trend. Not very long ago, the technology behind funny t-shirts was not quick enough to capitalize on things that occur in popular culture. It could take two weeks or more for a funny t-shirt to come out about an instance in Hollywood, and by then the joke would be old and dead. Now, the technology permit’s a t-shirt to be made almost the same day as, say, Ms. Lohan to be arrested on drug charges.

Hollywood, politicians, and music stars should all be very wary. Any and everything is ripe for plucking when it comes to inspiration in the funny t-shirts industry. All it takes is one drunken rant on national television or one televised blunder, and these public figures will find themselves printed across the fronts of thousands of funny t-shirts. There is not one shred of mercy shown from these Internet vendors when there is money to be made.

Laughter is one of the most intense shared experiences two people can share. That may seem like an overstatement, but I swear that it is true. Friendships have been forged instantly over a shared laugh, and many people have a large number of friends simply because they can get a laugh out of people. This is the same warm feeling that the funny t-shirts industry takes advantage of.

The next time you and your friends have laughs about making fun of some dumb thing a celebrity did, or find yourself fixated and repeating a line from a film over and over again, there is a great chance that you can get online and find funny t-shirts about that exact same thing. The best thing about it, is that you can be wearing that funny t-shirt before the joke is cold in its grave.

Custom t-shirts have seen some serious success in recent months due to the betterment of the tech behind the creation process of custom t-shirts. Instead of buying mass amounts of these custom t-shirts for large dollar amounts, you can now get these customized gems for the price of any other t-shirt and at just the same speed. With expert designers helping flesh out your seedling ideas, your custom t-shirts come to your door looking great. For what reason does one wear a custom t-shirt, however?

One reason to wear custom t-shirts is for the laughs. Perhaps you have a great joke you like to tell, or a really sharp one-liner, and you want to wear it on a t-shirt. Once you have you custom t-shirt in hand, you can wear this funny joke all night long and make your friends chuckle every time they see you. Laughter is a great thing to share, and your buddies will surely remember the laughs you gave them.

Do you have an issue you feel very strongly about? Well, then this is a perfect reason to wear custom t-shirts. Political statements have a way of galvanizing a conversation, and many people have very unique viewpoints of these issues that many Internet t-shirt sites do not cover. Specific statements like these are best covered with a custom t-shirt, which lets you say anything about anything.

Another great reason to wear custom t-shirts is in support of local activities you may be involved in. Wearing a shirt that promotes your family heritage to your family reunion is a great way to show your love. You could also have a custom t-shirt made to commemorate your daughter’s graduation or to the finals of your son’s sports event. Pride in your family is never a bad thing, and it definitely makes you look like a super parent.

As you can see, custom t-shirts can be worn for a wide variety of reasons. These three are only suggestions and only scratch the surface for the uses of custom t-shirts. Explore your options and look into the range of possibilities now that custom t-shirts are easy, cheap, and quick to produce. Instead of looking at these custom t-shirts as mere clothes, perhaps you should take a step back and see them for the tools that they are.

If you are a true American, than you are most likely a mongrel like everyone else. If you are a mongrel, than you probably have some Irish blood in your past. Hell, I consider myself Italian…and I’m still 25% Irish. There are very few pure-blooded people in the United States of America from the “old country”. Considering that most of us have a bit of the old “Erin Go Bragh” in our veins, there is no reason at all why each and every one of us shouldn’t enjoy a green-tinted beer on St. Patrick’s day while we smile and listen to the bag-pipes play.
There are some myths and legends about St. Patrick’s Day that need to be banished into the realms of Urban Myth where they belong. As a race of partial Irish decendents, I demand that we educate ourselves on the bits of history of which we are all horribly ignorant. Don’t you want to know why you’re getting smashed on March 17th this year? Of course you do. Get ready for your history lesson.

St. Patrick was born sometime around 385 AD, probably somewhere near Wales. That’s right. St. Patrick was originally British. He was born as the son of a Roman official, and was taken prisoner by sea-faring raiders. He was sold into slavery in Ireland and began a very lonely career as a sheep-herding slave-boy that lasted for six years before he had a vision from God telling him to escape.

St. Patrick escaped to Britain where he promptly had another vision from God, where the people of Ireland begged him to return to help them. He went to France to study seminary, after which he returned to the Emerald Isles to spread the Good Word of God.

St. Patrick spent the last 30 years of his life there, involving himself with fervent activities that furthered human interests before the term was even thought of. He baptised pagans and ordained hundreds of priests into the Catholic faith. He oversaw the construction of monastaries and worked to abolish horrible, pagan practices (such as human sacrifices and slavery). Because of St. Patrick’s administrations, it only took 200 years for Ireland to convert to Christianity and was the only example of non-violent conversion in all of Europe.

There are many things that St. Patrick did not do, that many people believe that he did. There was never a time when St. Patrick chased any reptile of any kind out of Ireland. There were never any snakes in Ireland. It is sometimes believed that chasing the snakes out of Ireland is an analogy for driving paganism out of the country. He also never made the comparison of the Holy Trinity to a shamrock, which was actually credited to someone in the 18th century. Of course, St. Patrick never had a personal conversation with God to bargin Ireland’s freedom for all eternity. Don’t be so gullible, Guiness lovers.

Since St. Patrick’s exploits are very minimally recorded, he has become a symbol for anyone who can make up a believable story about his mythos. Catholics tout his acomplishments with the Catholic Church while Protestants dress him up as a Celtic monk who developed his own anti-Roman church. It is shameful that there are more untruthful stories about the history of St. Patrick than there are real facts about him.


For a millinium, Ireland has celebrated St. Patrick’s Day festivities with a humble meal after Mass services. It took good ‘ol America to turn St. Patrick’s day into the alcohol drenched drink-fest that it is today. The first St. Patrick’s Day parade took place only 16 years after the Declaration of Independance was signed. Most of the Irish in America at that time were members of the Protestant Middle Class, and fit into society quite well. It wasn’t until the Great Potato Famine of 1845 that Irish prejudices flared up because of the newcomers’ thick accents and Catholic faith. During the St Patrick’s Day celebrations during this time, people looked down on the way the Irish took to the streets and reveled with booze and partying. This was the time when St. Patrick’s Day stopped being such a religious occasion and started resembling what it is today: a massive party. The media made a point to deride these activities and depicted Irish revelers as little more than drunken monkeys in the street.

The poor, lower class of Irish had trouble finding jobs and the vast majority of immigrants lived in poverty and squalor. It took time for the Irish community to come to the realization that they held value to society, because of their vast numbers. They organized themselves and showed the political arena that they had the ability to tip elections how they pleased. Politicians began taking an interest in Irish relations and the political “green machine” was born. This is when St. Patrick’s Day celebrations started having wider recognition among the community because of the political interest involved in them as politicians catered to the Irish and participated in the parades and feasts. The crowning point of Irish political strength was in 1948 when President Truman attended the New York St. Patrick’s Day Parade.

America, Canada, and Australia are the biggest celebrators of the holiday, with minor observerances in Japan, Russia, and Singapore. Ireland has always observed the holiday in strict religious terms, even mandating that pubs be closed on March 17th. Recently, Ireland has decided to use the holiday to spur tourism. Over a million people attended Dublin’s St. Patrick’s Day celebrations over a long, multi-day event that featured parades, concerts, and fireworks.

So this St. Patrick’s Day, buy some Irish T-shirts and have a beer. Enjoy yourself and quit worrying about work the next day. It’s quite possible that your boss is Irish too, and he’s probably more hungover than you are.


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